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Too Much time on my hands: September 2011

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Too Much time on my hands

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Too Much time on my hands: September 2011

Friday, September 30

Kitchen Organizer

I picked up this lovely little wooden box thingey at ARC for $1.99

I was inspired by my new IKEA dishtowels (tucked into that little opening) and painted it to coordinate.

One coat of black, two coats of white, then a bright red for the accents. Then this monster got taken to task with the sandpaper.

It seemed the perfect size to hold some kitchen stuff.

Buckeye Mercantile is just something I made up

FYI, that 3 piece wooden cooking set from IKEA is 49cents!

 My new little friend will be heading over to my ETSY husband feels our home is being overtaken with "stuff." So if I wish to continue making things, I need to unload some stuff too.

As long as I get to have fun, whatever is fine by me! 

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Thursday, September 29

Earth Day Thursday- Upcycled Smoothie Bottle Mummy

My 4-year old daughter is so freakin creative. 

After sucking down a Danimals yogurt smoothie she asked me if she could rinse it out and make a ghost mummy. 

We rinsed out the container and peeled off the label.
We painted the bottle with good old Elmer's, wrapped it with crepe paper, and plopped the google eyes on there to finish him off.

Mummy or  ghost?  I am not sure which it is, but it sure is cute and a great reuse of these bottles!

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Wednesday, September 28

Double Word Score

Since I had the carbon paper out,  I decided to whip up a few Scrabble Tile Wall Plaques.

Check over here to find out the technique I used with the carbon is SO easy!

This was the scrap wood from Home Depot. Have you heard of the scrap wood pile? Well, let me tell you, this is the place to go!

 This pile is usually located near that big old cutting machine. The pieces also have a spray paint mark on them. There is every size imaginable. I have snagged some really good and really large pieces of wood, as well as smaller pieces the perfect size for signs.


The pieces are like 20 cents each

 The reason I don't know for sure, is that they always just let me take them for free. I usually buy a few other things and the cashier just smirks at me when she gives me the total.

I can't guarantee you will get the scraps for free, but I will guarantee they cost next to nothing anyway and you should always head over there first:)

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Tuesday, September 27

"Old" Farmer's Market Sign

Just call me crazy pallet lady....

I'm ok with it, really, I am
I have been wanting something rustic and big above my kitchen window.

And since I still have all this practically new and free wood lying around, I might as well use it...right?

I grabbed a piece that was leftover from the chalkboard pallet shelf and hauled it inside to my kitchen island ( otherwise known as work center central-it is very convenient for my projects, but not so much when it comes time to prepare dinner).

I decided to try this carbon transfer technique I saw here at Shabby Creek Cottage. I saw this and knew I wanted to give it a shot sometime and then when I got the itch to do this project  today and didn't want to wait for my husband to make me copies at work so I could do the Citra-Solv transfer, I knew it was the right time!

I bought a 25 piece carbon paper pack for $6.99 at Office Max. You will find this item with the typewriter ribbon and Brother word processors...oh yeah, they still make that stuff. Word Processor, seriously? Who buys one of those?

Anyway, I printed out my wording and organized it all on the wood planks, to make sure my saying would fit (this took three printing tries, Little man got me sick and I am a bit loopy today). I decided to make a Farmer's Market sign from where I grew up...was just feelin nostalgic today, I guess.

I taped the carbon paper onto the board and then I taped the words onto the carbon paper.

I traced with a pen and voila- easy peasy, I may have to do this more often!

I chose my colors and painted everything all pretty.

Then I used one of my favorite products, The Elmer's Paint Pen to outline two words. This pen is AWESOME. if you haven't used them, march yourself out this instant and buy one. The paint comes out so smooth and even. I have used it tons and never had a mishap or mess.

Then I grabbed some leftover tinted polyurethane from my pallet dresser and slapped a coat on this whole piece.

Next up is watered down blue paint to give it a little oomph.

Then I scrounged some old hinges from the garage and screwed one on each side. Now there we go!

I really like how it turned out.

It reminds me of a good way...every time I look at it.

If you haven't already, go enter the giveaway to win any item from my new ETSY Shop!

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Thursday, September 22

Earth Day Thursday- Upcycle Ideas

Upcycling is becoming my thing. The wooden pallets really got me started and now I can hardly control myself. 

Like this morning, my neighbors had a ratty old mattress out with their trash and I thought for hours (well  minutes anyway) about how I wish it didn't have to sit in a landfill and there must be something cool it could be used for. Pull out the springs, rip of the cord edging, oh I don't know. I couldn't think of anything so I let it go. 

Anyway, I did start thinking about upcycling and I decided to snoop around and look for some fresh inspiration.

First off, 
a cheese grater earing holder-BRILLIANT!

A pet bed made from an old sweater

now on to that sewing 101 class

A fab Suitcase Chair

A braided rag rug out of old sheets

Tennis Racket Mirror

Guitar Case Bookshelf

Map Catch All

Serving Bowl Lamp Shade

Bike Wheel Clock

Saddle Rocking Horses

Coffee Table Bookshelves

 Lovin this cardboard vase for paper blooms

 I'm not quite sure how you would legally get your hands on one of these signs, but this is possibly the coolest chair I have ever seen.

 I am looking at everything with new eyes! I definitely have some junk laying around here and I need to get a bit creative with it!

P.S. Come enter the giveaway for a free item from my ETSY shop!

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Wednesday, September 21

She's Crafty- Loft Reveal

All you naysayers thought I had forgotten all about my little loft/craft area. 
But can I get a holla?

I did it!

While I TRIED so hard to do it for under $100-I crapped out and did it for under $150. But hey, do I get a few points for being honest folks?

Let's think about where we began, shall we (pardon me while I cover my eyes).

Shake it off, just shake it off.

Here is my "new" craft room/office/loft

but hated it and decided to paint it cream...ahhh so much better!

These lovely little organizers on my reclaimed wood shelves are from my new home away from home, IKEA.

My paper organizers made from used postal boxes are sitting on a shelf I picked up at Goodwill. My printer is hiding under there. I found some cute knobs at Cost Plus World Market and they are holding my cans of buttons and glue sticks.

And some bright and sunny artwork is adorning this shelf!

This table and chairs are still my favorite part of the room! However, one little lady keeps trying to steal "MY" chair!

My "do-dad organizer" looks great and I love having somewhere for all my little teeny tiny junk. 

I painted the bookshelf and the sweet little bread box that is holding my jute and extra ribbon.

I just slopped some watered down paint on that bread box, painted the hinges and added a fun knob from Hob Lob.

And there sits the sewing machine, wonder if I am ever going to learn how to sew more than a straight line? Seriously, just threading that thing is an accomplishment for me! I thought if I have it setting out, it would be more motivation...only time will tell.

This corner with a thrift store find chair holding my fabric, my handmade lamp, and literary artwork is functional and calming...well when I'm not stashing junk over there.

I spruced up a little spice rack to hold the acrylic paint I use all the time.

And under it, an old garden chair is housing my fabric.

I'm still not sure about Big Bertha, but this monster of a desk looks better at least. I have a hard time getting rid of something so wonderfully functional, so it is staying. Maybe I will be struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration someday on how to make it lovely, but for now I am ok with this. 

I just used spray adhesive to adhere the drop cloth and then my glue gun to add the jute rope.

And this new space is WAAAAAYYY better! 
Not bad for $150 and about 3 months. 

Oh come on, I have been working on about 10 projects at once AND it was summer for goodness sakes! I am actually surprised I finished before Christmas!

So now I have a soothing and lovely place to blog, craft, and create where everything I need is right at my fingertips. It is really really nice. And the little minions catch the creative bug about once an hour and we can all cozy up together to get our arts and crafts on.

Let's compare again... 

P.S. Come enter the giveaway to win any item from my ETSY Shop!