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Too Much time on my hands: October 2011

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Too Much time on my hands: October 2011

Friday, October 28

I Made a Sign

It has been a rough week. My 4 year old daughter and I have been out of commission sick ALL week. However, even in my foggy sudafed induced state, I had to do I made a sign.

I found a free piece of wood in the garage and layered that baby with 4 different colors/coats of paint.


{1} I spray painted the entire piece red
{2} I added a strip of painters tape, so that stripe would stay red and then painted the piece white
{3} I added 2 more strips of tape to get 2 white stripes and painted the whole piece yellow
{4} I added another strip of tape to get a yellow stripe and painted the entire piece gray.

Then I took off the tape and sanded so the different colors were showing through all over the entire sign.

I printed out my wording and used carbon to transfer my message to the sign.

Then, I had myself a sign.

 Breckenridgeis a mountain town we head to for skiing and fun all the time.

 Yeah, it's high.

 The colors give me a kinda retro vibe.

There is a fun split in the wood, which makes it feel "old."

On a high note, I went to see Paul Simon last night! P-A-U-L S-I-M-O-N people. 
I have been waiting for YEARS and YEARS to see him. It has never worked out and I accidentally found out he was playing here just 2 weeks before the show. Other than feelin a bit down, it was perfect!

When he started playing I forgot I was sick and danced with my husband and I felt like I was young and carefree again. A fab date night for sure.

So, don't feel too bad for my mopey sickish self-I got the night of my life and  a little sign amidst this illness!

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Thursday, October 27

Earth Day Thursday- "Green" Gift Guide

I know it is not even Halloween yet, but I am already thinking about Christmas gifts. I hate last minute shopping AND spending all of that money all at once. I would rather accumulate thoughtful and meaningful gifts throughout the year, as I discover them, and then give them out at Christmas time.

Last year, my in-laws bought mosquito nets donated to needy people in all of our names for our Christmas gifts. What a wonderful idea and it felt really good to be doing something for others. I don't "need" anything so sharing with others felt great.

But, I know I still like to give tangible gifts to the people I love, so let's try to be mindful where we put our money this year.

I found some awesome ideas and places to purchase "greener" gifts. Here are few of my faves!


This town runs on wind and solar power, uses a gray water system. The town encourages public transport. 
 Plan Toys offers tons of very cool environmentally friendly toys for baby, preschool, and older kids. They have small items such as recycled wood pull toys and large scale items like wooden horses and shopping carts.

This book making set includes handmade paper, thread, and everything you need to make 4 small books.

Arterro has lots of creative activities that encourage artistic expression at every age, including art dolls, wearable wool crafts, and garden art.

Puppets are all made from old wool sweaters so each animal is unique!

Cate and Levi also offer blankets, pillow pals, mittens, and hats.  Every item is made from reclaimed and recycled materials.


This fab site has tons of options for green gifts all around your home. bed & bath, furniture, accessories, you can find something for everyone on your list.

Lead fee paint and fired in a kiln that only uses renewable energy!

Branch offers lots of products from different vendors. Everything is "green" and Earth Friendly. Again, a great variety of items for kids, and adults alike!

Upcycled mail bag tote

Uncommon Goods has a quirky vibe and gifts ranging in all price ranges. You will definitely find Uncommon items here! I have ordered a few things from them before and have had great experiences.


That's right these are made from seats from Comisky Park!

These are also from Uncommon Goods.

Substrata offers tons of sustainable wood products, from cutting boards to cabinets.

Portland General Store packs reclaimed cigar cases with their locally and sustainably harvested natural products. After shave, cologne, shampoo-they have it all in cool scents like whiskey and tweed.


There are plenty of colors and types to choose from!

This book has lots of paper craft activities and instructions for making custom paper dolls. Add some recycled paper and craft scissors to create a lovely gift.

This DVD set teaches the DIY'er how to renovate and improve his or her home using recycled and reclaimed materials. Look out Bob Vila!

Well, that's about all my wallet can handle for right now. I hope this leads you to some thoughtful choices during the holidays!


Wednesday, October 26

Forget Pallets...Give Me More Chalk Paint

I am like a kid with a new toy. I knew it was a problem when I just "HAD" to dash out of the house at 6:50 pm on Tuesday evening to get to the thrift store before it closed at 7 and find something I could paint Wednesday morning.

I found an awesome end has wheels....that work!

I went nuts on this thing. I mixed me up some yellow and white chalk paint and painted that cutie table within an inch of it's life.

Get my recipe and technique here.

I am really loving how this turned out.

Did you know you can paint and wax metal hardware too?

I Mod Podged some paper to the inside drawer too.

Then I added the 73 with my carbon transfer technique. Not sure why 73, just thought it looked good, and it is the year I was born.

"Hmm," you may be saying. "That doesn't look like anything that would belong in your house, Kim." And you would be right. It isn't going in my house. 

I had a fun e-mail a few months ago. Alli, from Trina Rose Boutique contacted me about her new store that will be opening in January in Loveland, Colorado. She asked if I would be interested in selling some of my things with her! Um, let me think about that....YES!

So, I am very excited to be able to tackle some bigger projects and try some new things. My husband is excited at the prospect of me making a few bucks from this blogging, crafting, DIY obsession I have:)

Did you enter this week's giveaway yet?
No? Well head over here to enter!

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Thursday, October 20

Earth Day Thursday- BYO Paper Towels

I hate hand dryers (well except for those super duper high power ones that REALLY dry your hands).
When given the option when in a public restroom, I always choose paper towels.

I know, I am supposed to be environmentally conscious, but man, I want my hands dry...and clean. I read somewhere that those hand dryers are just blowing more ick and germs all over your hands anyway.

I am good at home. We have cloth napkins for meals and use cloth towels by the kitchen sink. I rarely use paper towels at all, except in public.

When I discovered these ridiculously cute "to go" towels, I was in! Hook, line, and sinker.

People Towels offers a ton of really cute and witty towels that you can carry in your purse, diaper bag, backpack, etc.

No, really check these out.....

You can create your own packs using their designs or they have ready made 1-5 day supply packs. You can also create towels using your own photos or drawings (think Kids' artwork). 

They also sell little bags you can use to tote the towels around in.
It is such a great idea, and honestly you don't have to get fancy with it. I should just throw a few of my cloth hand towels and napkins in my bag. 

But, these are going to be great gifts for my family and friends this Christmas and they are so cute everyone will hopefully  be inspired to use them!



Wednesday, October 19

Homemade Chalk Paint - Not Bad!!!

A few weeks ago I featured this amazing post from

in my Good Morning Sunshine series.

Sherry posted about her escapades with homemade chalk paint and she found success with only spending $4.00


Do you  know how much that dang chalk paint costs? Like $89 a quart....well, no not really, but it is like almost $40 a quart and that is INSANITY! I hear everyone saying, "oh but it lasts forever," "you can water it down," "it is the most amazing paint product ever invented!" I get it, BUT, if there is a way to replicate it, I am surely going to give it a shot! I figured if it didn't work I would cave and spend the money on the legit stuff.

Sherry inspired me to get  serious, I was ready to give this homemade chalk paint a shot (especially since I'm so cheap).

 I read and reread Sherry's post and ran out to gather supplies and use her technique.

I found calcium carbonate -in the powder form- at Vitamin Cottage. It was with the other mineral supplements and you can find it in health food stores or on Amazon.

I mixed 

1 1/2 Cups of latex paint
1/2 Cup water
1/2 Cup Calcium Carbonate

I used an old spaghetti sauce jar and mixed REALLY well. It really isn't a precise measurement, just eyeball it and adjust to the consistency you need.

Now, it is completely against my nature to follow directions, prepare beforehand, or look before I leap. But, I really wanted this to work so I actually did some research before I started painting!

I read this tutorial at Perfectly Imperfect and watched Shaunna's videos-she is cute and funny and knowledgeable. Snagged some good tips there. 

Then I ran down to Littleton, Colorado and met with the lovely ladies at The Little Black Chair. They sell all the Annie Sloan products and have a ridiculously amazing warehouse where they create perfectly beautiful stuff!

They also enlightened me on what to do when I got home.

I learned a few important things in my research:

1. You do not have to sand or prime-this chalk paint sticks to everything.
2. Use very thin coats of wax or it will never dry. Thin coats will dry in 24 hours.
3. Minwax is not a suitable replacement wax product. You HAVE to use Briwax (VERY stinky) or Annie Sloan's soft wax (not stinky). I figured I was saving on the paint, so I grabbed the Annie Sloan's wax ($24.95 a pop-supposed to last forever-yadda yadda yadda)

So here she is, my first chalk paint project ....

and isn't she a bute! 

I took my beautiful blue paint and painted the first coat.
One bonus is this paint dries SUPER fast-love it!

Then I did a second coat, you can still see brush strokes-they disappeared later

Then I took my sandpaper and scuffed it up. Another bonus, this paint comes off so easy when distressing. However, it will come off so easy that you need to be careful you don't strip all the paint off in one fail swoop.

I worked in small sections and brushed on the clear wax making sure it really soaked into the paint.

and then the dark wax right on top of the clear, while they are still wet -really work it into the paint.

I used a cheesecloth to rub, remove some dark wax, smooth it out, etc.

I let it dry for 24 hours, then I went over the whole piece with a soft cloth and buffed it to a lovely shine and buttery soft finish. It really does feel so soft and nice. My cloth removed some excess wax, so I am glad I didn't skip this step. Not sure if I used too much, didn't work it into the paint good enough, didn't let it dry long enough, or if that is normal. I guess I will investigate further on my next piece.

Oh yeah, and of course I reupholstered that U-G-L-Y  (it ain't got no alibi-it's ugly) cushion.

And here we go with the finished piece!

 It worked.

I like it.

I am going to do it again.

21st Century flowers are much nicer.

I went pretty heavy with the dark wax. You can go  lighter and get a much more subtle look.

Or you can use only the clear and just get a nice shiny finish with just abit of emphasis on the distressed areas.

The BEST BEST BEST part of this is that I can make a gazillion different colors for next to nothing!
But if you are afraid to make your own or need the wax, brushes, cheesecloth, head over to The Little Black Chair and order it from them!


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