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Too Much time on my hands: April 2011

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Too Much time on my hands: April 2011

Friday, April 29

Inspire Me - Wooden Pallets

These free wooden pallets all over town have really got me thinkin....

I stayed up way t0o late last night on Pinterest and found too many ideas of what to do with this amazing resource. You can use a pallet anywhere in your home!






How many wooden pallets can one house handle?

Go on now, go! Get to work!

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Sunday, April 24

REVEAL! Vintage Airplane Bedroom

I am tired!

This is the view into the room from the hallway. The map wreath found a home on the door.

This is the long wall across from the door and the closet. I really do love the headboard.

Like the paper airplane I painted on the wall? The trail is electrical tape! Found the idea here in this unbelievable bedroom.

There is the luggage tag lamp, which I decided to paint black,

and my reclaimed fence turned into wall art.

 Got the clip boards for $1.99 each at Target. Then, I printed some images from Graphics Fairy and displayed my fun telegram announcing Everett's birth. Buy your own here.

The kids found a big branch on a walk with dad and it was the perfect size to use as a curtain rod.

The curtains are cloth drop cloths which I just cut off at the bottom and attached with  shower curtain rings. Total project was $14.99, including the curtains, rings and brackets to hold the stick.

I think the dresser is my favorite piece in the room.

I made a copycat Ballard board to display some sentimental items.  The "Happy Journeys" block print was made by the Everett my Everett is named after.

 Here is a ski pass his godfather made for him when he was 1 week old!

I got my big airplane from Hobby Lobby and made little wooden discs with vintage images to hang above the closet.

I am just in love with the room and how it turned out. I spent next to nothing on it....I didn't save receipts or anything, but my guess is under $100.

This was a really big project and now that it is done, I am looking around and wondering, "hmmmm, what next?

P.S. The paint was from WalMart...believe it or not it went on easily and covered great! The color is Cinder Pebble Gray

Design Dazzle

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Thursday, April 21

Earth Day Thursday- Easy (and Cheap) Changes

It's Earth Day tomorrow...are you ready?

 The day of reckoning as I see it.

When all of our irresponsible behaviors are shown in a bright spotlight and we feel so very badly for all of the evil we have using plastic baggies, or disposable diapers, or Miracle Grow!


It can be an opportunity to choose 1 thing

just 1 thing

your family can do to make the Earth a nicer place for everyone. Here are some easy and doable things you can change immediately. They won't break the bank or your back. I  know, I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't already do them, or plan to do them starting tomorrow!

1. Clean with Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is cheap and is a fabulous way to clean

counter tops-in a spray bottle diluted with water
unclog a drain- pour 1 cup baking soda followed by one cup boiling white distilled vinegar down the drain, wait 5 minutes, and rinse with hot water
clean your fruits and veggies- 1 part vinegar + 3 parts water

freshen up cloth diapers-just toss a 1/2 cup in the first rinse
make a scouring cleanser-1/4 cup Baking Soda + 1 TBS Liquid detergent+enough vinegar to make a thick and creamy paste.

Head on over here for 97 more ways to use vinegar in your home

2. Use Glass Storage Containers

Those plastic Glad and Rubbermaid ones are just not worth it to me. They get broken and pieces lost as soon as we buy them, so I am done! I am using glass storage now. If you really want to, you can go buy those fancy Pyrex types, but you can also just save your glass jars from items such as spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, olives, jam, well, everything. When I shop I always look for a good deal, but I also make choices based on packaging. I will always choose glass over plastic, because I know I will reuse them in MANY ways and maybe even do some crafts with them.

Pyrex 6022369 Storage 14-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids
These Pyrex containers are only $23 for a 14 piece set.

which brings me to #3

3. Choose Products with Less Packaging

 If you have a store which carries items in bulk, it's a no brainer. You only buy what you need, so no food waste, and you buy many pantry staples with no packaging whatsoever. I even have reusable bulk bags which have a little tag telling the cashier the weight of my bag! 

Buy these bags here!

Some places will let you bring your own containers to the bulk aisle and even the meat counter. I have been known to grab the prepackaged meat because there is a line at the counter and I'm in a rush, but if you have a minute, go to the counter, give the wonderful butcher your own container and save the plastic wrap and Styrofoam tray.

Don't put your fruits and veggies in those plastic bags hanging above the case. I am very careful to keep all of my items corralled and put them all together on the belt for the cashier. No one has complained yet.

Buying in bulk (at the supercenters or order in bulk from your local grocery) can also save on packaging. Make your own reusable baggies and divvy up individual portions for easy access when you need them.But make sure you are cost checking to be sure you are saving money too!

Or be like this guy and leave all of that annoying packaging at the checkout counter and make a REAL statement!

4. Go Meat Free Once (or more) a Week

U.N. studies suggest that meat production produces more greenhouse gases than transportation! This website offers some advice and yummy recipes to make it easy to satisfy your family with a meat free meal.

5. Compost
You can buy a fancy one that easily spins and dispenses the finished product, you can build a container out of scrap wood, or you can just go buy a big plastic trash bin and stir it up yourself. If you are somewhat thoughtful and careful about what goes in it, it will not smell or attract flies. Even a small backyard can accommodate a compost bin. And trust me, we have the smallest yard space in the universe and our neighbor has been quite successful with his trash can composting system. His success has convinced us that this is something we can definitely do, So this is our 1 thing to implement this Earth Day! Here is all the info you need to get started!

Hmmm? You live in an apartment with no yard or balcony, well don't worry, you can
compost in a bag!
And it is easy! Check out this article for the low down, grab a zip-loc bag, some food scraps, and get started today!

 5. Start a Garden (or even just one plant)

Did I already mention that we have the smallest yard space in the universe? It is one way we have tried to be more green. We use public parks and school playgrounds instead of lots of personal outdoor space. However, it has been quite a challenge on the gardening front.

You can save so much money growing tomatoes, lettuce greens, zucchini, and asparagus. You can use pots on an apartment patio, or window boxes outside of every window in your home. I grow herbs year round indoors...fresh herbs can get EXPENSIVE! 
Even though we didn't always have enough snap peas for our entire meal, or enough tomatoes to make a full batch of sauce, my kids had a blast learning about the growing process, taking responsibility for watering, and seeing where food comes from.
Start small, try just a few plants in pots and see how it goes. Check into local resources to see what grows well in your area. Here are a few places to check out

6.Buy a Reusable Water Bottle 

 Please tell me you are all already doing this? The hard plastic and metal bottles are practically indestructible (mine have fallen out of my car and on to the driveway many times and are still going strong). You can even buy a bottle with a built in water filter that gets you super clean H2O every time you fill up!

Promise, promise promise you will not buy any more disposable plastic water bottles!

(Dana is the amazing artist of the above image which represents Sacramento Earth Day. They are a non-profit, so any help with  donations is very greatly appreciated)
Well, it's not Earth Day every day around here,
but it is every Thursday.

Each Thursday I post on a topic related to taking care of our planet, our fellow inhabitants, and all of the living things who will come after us. So check back each Thursday for tips, info, and advice on how to be more environmentally conscious! Past topics include:

cloth diapers

homemade reusable baggies

homemade veggie and fruit wash